The Bug Roadshow

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Your students will absolutely love The BUG Roadshow! This show comes to your school and is an in-house field trip to the incredible world of insects! (Don’t worry, there are no live insects- only large models and video close ups of real insects.) It’s crawling with fun and yet covers the NY curriculum on insects. Because the show is live, I can adjust my commentary for every grade level so it is always perfect for any elementary grade- from K to 6th grade.

The BUG Roadshow is a very entertaining and interactive show that reveals the secret world of insects as you’ve never seen them before! I use a powerful video projector to show your students high resolution video close-ups of insects. I also project close-ups of real and model insects to show your students the amazing physical features, adaptations, and life cycles of many common insects, including butterflies, moths, bees, ants, house flies, centipedes, mosquitoes, ladybugs, aphids, preying mantis, dragon flies, meal worms, termites, spiders, and many others.

The BUG Roadshow will also show how insects are the great recyclers and pollinators of the world. You will be amazed how much your students will learn in one hour! By the end of the show, your students will realize how amazing and important insects really are to the circle of life (ecology).

All you need to provide is a large room that can be darkened, a small table, and a large projection screen or large white or light-colored wall. I bring my own quality PA system and wireless microphone. This show is very economical because an entire grade level (or 2 grades) can see the show at the same time. It just depends on the size of your presentation room.

The BUG Roadshow is presented by Lee Ognibene, retired Life Science teacher, Sayville Planetarium Director, and 1998 Science Teacher of the Year.

Fee: $350 for one show. (Only $290 for each multiple back - to - back show.Max: 4 shows / day) They can be different shows for different grades) Team up with teachers in other grades and save money! I participate in all the Long Island BOCES Arts - In - Ed Programs.Find my shows on their websites under Exploratory Enrichment: keyword Science.