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“Dinosaurs” is an exciting 40 minute video presentation that can be presented live or virtual.  This K-6 program is very engaging and can be a springboard to many follow up activities.  It’s not only educational, it’s very entertaining!

This high definition video will show your students how fossils form and how paleontologists find dinosaur fossils to make dino skeletons.  The show reveals the secrets of how dinosaurs lived and how they suddenly became extinct 66 million years ago.  This STEM program teaches many important scientific principles of biology, earth science, and environmental science.

Dinosaurs was produced by Lee Ognibene, former Director of the Sayville Planetarium, and award-winning retired science teacher and videographer.  The show features amazing computer animation of dinosaurs and a music soundtrack that includes Lee’s narration.  

It will take your students back in time to a prehistoric Earth ruled by dinosaurs.  It’s not scary and many parts are actually funny!  Your students will love this show!

If you book a VIRTUAL SHOW, I will send you a link to my streaming service and a one-day password.  Just click the link to my streaming service, put in the password and enjoy the show on your smartboard with your class.  Distance learning students can see it at home too!

Price: $350 for one-day Virtual Shows for the WHOLE School!  Every class can stream the show on that day at all different times!  What a bargain!  If you don’t have smart boards or computers in every classroom, project the show on a screen in your classroom, cafetorium or media center with a video projector and laptop computer using your schools’ Wi-Fi.

If you book a LIVE SHOW, I will come to your school and present a live show using my own laptop, my bright video projector, wireless mic, and quality sound system. 

Price: $350 for one live 40 minute showing at your school. 

All my shows are accepted by all 3 Long Island BOCES Arts in Education programs. 

They are listed in the online BOCES Arts in Ed catalogs under “Exploratory Enrichment”. 

To find the Dinosaurs show, search keyword “Dinosaurs” or “Ognibene” to find all my shows.