Our Endangered Earth

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Our Endangered Earth is an outstanding environmental show that comes to your school. This show is very entertaining, yet it covers the NY environmental academic standards and goes way beyond. Because the show is live, I can adjust the content on the fly for any grade level from 2nd grade up to 9th.

Our Endangered Earth will take your students on instant field trips across the world to observe how man is ruining Earth’s environmental balance. My powerful video projector will show outstanding video clips to help your students understand that Earth’s health is in our hands.

Topics covered: air pollution from burning fossil fuels,, acid rain, rainforest deforestation, species extinction, climate change, and the many ways man is destroying the ecology of our oceans. Your students will learn the science behind these problems and many easy solutions they can practice every day to help keep the Earth in balance.

The show also includes many activities your students can do at home and at school to become better citizens of Earth. By the end of the show, your students will realize how their everyday actions affect the environment and Earth’s circle of life (ecology). This show is a perfect way to celebrate Earth Day in April but can be shown any time of the year. room.

Fee: $350 for one show. (Only $290 for each multiple back - to - back show.Max: 4 shows / day) They can be different shows for different grades) Team up with teachers in other grades and save money! I participate in all the Long Island BOCES Arts - In - Ed Programs.Find my shows on their websites under Exploratory Enrichment: keyword Science.