6 Great Shows for your Library

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Dear Children’s Program Directors:

I have 6 exciting science shows that can be virtual or live. Each show can be used as a children’s program or a family program for children and their parents to enjoy together. My shows consistently get rave reviews and have that “wow” factor.

After each show, parents and kids tell me that my show was the best library program they ever saw!  So many librarians have written thank you notes that praised my shows.  My 3 most popular shows are the The Space Roadshow, The BUG Show, and a new show called Dinosaurs.  The other 3 shows are also wonderful:  Rainforest Adventure, Under the Sea and Our Endangered Earth.

All 6 shows can be streamed or presented live in your presentation room.  These shows were produced by Lee Ognibene, retired science teacher and videographer. (Former Sayville Planetarium Director and 1998 Suffolk County Science Teacher of the Year).  Many have said my shows are like a mix of Disney, Bill Nye, and an IMAX movie.  My shows are also very humorous and it’s wonderful to hear both children and their parents laughing as they share the wonders of science.  I have won many awards for my ability to teach and motivate audiences of all ages.  It would be my pleasure to perform my shows at your library.  Each show is 40 to 45 minutes long and is only $250.  (Discounts for small libraries)

Descriptions of each show:

Space Roadshow

The Space Roadshow is an exciting, interactive astronomy show that can be virtual or live. This show will take your library patrons on an amazing journey into space and around the world to discover the wonders of astronomy. We’ll go to Hawaii to observe a total solar eclipse and learn how to draw a beautiful picture of a total solar eclipse with black paper and chalk.  This makes a great follow-up activity.  Parents love it too!

I provide live narration throughout the show as we take video field trips to Venice, Italy, where Galileo first used his telescope and did a famous gravity experiment at the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  We’ll also visit Meteor Crater in Arizona where I will report how that crater formed.  We’ll visit the Kennedy Space Center to watch a rocket launch and do a demonstration to learn how rockets work. 

We’ll see what it’s like to be weightless in the space station.  We’ll travel to the moon and learn about the moon’s orbit and origin.  We’ll explore the planets in our solar system.  We’ll travel to distant stars, and learn how big our universe is as we zoom out of our Milky Way galaxy to the end of the known universe!  We’ll learn about earth’s motions, what causes gravity, what causes day and night, comets, meteors, the sun, the birth and death of stars, how the dinosaurs became extinct, and our place in space.  I even play guitar & sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for the little kids. They love it!  The finale will take your breath away as we zoom back to Earth at super warp speed!  Don’t miss the Space Roadshow!  (Kindergarten to Adult) 

The Bug Show

The BUG Show is a very entertaining show that reveals the secret microscopic world of insects like you’ve never seen them before.  This virtual or live show will show the audience the basic parts of insects, and how they go through life cycles- from egg, larva, pupa, to adult.  You will see incredible video closeups of many common bugs including ants, houseflies, butterflies, dragonflies, spiders, centipedes, bees, lady bugs, aphids, praying mantis, and termites.  You’ll learn how each bug plays an important role to keep nature in balance.  For example, bee pollination insures that plants produce flowers that will grow into fruits and vegetables that will provide food and seeds for next year.  Crawling with fun, The BUG Show is also very humorous and a great way to learn all about a bug’s life.  After seeing this show, bugs will never be the same!  (Perfect for Pre-K to Adult)


Dinosaurs is a new show that is sure to be a hit!  “Dinosaurs” is an exciting 40 minute video presentation that can be presented live or virtual.  This K-6 program is very engaging and can be a springboard to many follow up activities.  It’s not only educational, it’s very entertaining!  This high definition video will show your library patrons how fossils form and how paleontologists find dinosaur fossils to make dino skeletons.  The show reveals the secrets of how dinosaurs lived and how they suddenly became extinct 66 million years ago.  The show features amazing computer animation of dinosaurs and a music soundtrack that includes Lee’s narration.  It will take you back in time to a prehistoric Earth ruled by dinosaurs.  It’s not scary and many parts are actually funny!  Your patrons will love this show!

Rainforest Adventure

Rainforest Adventure can be booked as a virtual or live show. Length: 45 minutes and is perfect for K to 6th grade. This show is a field trip to the Earth’s incredible rainforests.

The presenter, Lee Ognibene, is an award-winning retired science teacher and videographer who has produced his own professional video to demonstrate the unique plants and animals of the rainforest.  You will see Lee in the video many times as he shows the students the wonders of the rainforest.  It features beautiful Hi-Definition video of the rainforest animals and plants and has a music soundtrack that includes Lee’s narration.  You’ll feel like you were really there in the rainforest! 

Your patrons will learn how climate change, loggers and hunters are harming the rainforest’s exotic plants and animals (deforestation and species extinction).  The show also explains the many life cycles and energy cycles that make the rainforest a unique environment that act like the “lungs of the Earth.”  The show includes an interactive activity where students will be challenged to decide which rainforest animals depend on each other for food- (the food chain).  Expect rave reviews! 

Under the Sea

Whether virtual or live, this show will take your library patrons on an amazing field trip to the last frontier- our oceans.  We live on Long Island so we should all know about the ocean that surrounds us.  This virtual or live show tells the story of how our oceans formed, how they got salty, the hidden geologic land forms of the ocean floor, continental drift, the ocean food chain and how man is upsetting the balance of many ecosystems in our oceans.  The show will also explain what causes waves, currents, tides, and storms and how they affect the ocean shore.  You will learn about different forms of sea life from plankton and coral reefs to whales.  After you see Under the Sea, you will understand that oceans are vital to all life on Earth, even ours!  (Good for 2nd Grade - Adult)

Our Endangered Earth

Our Endangered Earth is an inspiring environmental show that can be virtual or live.  It will take your library patrons on video field trips all over the world to demonstrate the many ways man is harming our planet.  Earth’s future is in our hands and this show is the first step to understand the issues that endanger life on Earth. 

Topics covered: air pollution, acid rain, deforestation, climate change, species extinction, and how man is destroying life in our oceans and in our rain forests.  The audience will learn the science behind these problems and many easy solutions all of us can put into practice every day to help keep the Earth’s ecosystems in balance.

The show ends with a hopeful feeling as we explore many ways we can save our beautiful planet. This show is great any time of the year but is also a perfect way to celebrate Earth Day! (April 22nd )        (Good for 2nd grade to adult)

My fee is only $250 for an hour presentation. (2 back to back shows for only $400. They can be different shows) There is no limit on audience size. Be prepared for a full house and a rush on science books after the show!