Rainforest Adventure

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RAINFOREST ADVENTURE is a in-school field trip to the rainforest and comes to your school. This is an amazing natural science show. Outstanding, clear video and sounds of the rainforest will make you feel like you are really there. Live, interactive demonstrations with the audience will introduce the exotic animals and plants of the rainforest. This live show is presented by Lee Ognibene, former life science teacher and Sayville Planetarium Director. (1998 Suffolk County Science Teacher of the Year)

This show will help your students understand how valuable the rainforests are to Earth’s ecological health and how they contain hidden treasures such as spices, fruits, coffee, chocolate, precious wood, medicines, and exotic animals & plants. Your students will see the incredible diversity of plants and animals that live at various levels of the rainforest. They will see how man is destroying the rainforests by setting fires and clear-cutting the trees.

By the end of the show, your students will realize how rainforest plants preserve our air and soil and provide food and shelter for animals. They will also learn how deforestation can harm the environment and the circle of life (ecology). Your students will enjoy participating in a food chain demonstration- a fun way to learn the food chain! They will also learn what each of us can do to save the rainforests.

All your school needs to provide is a large room that can be darkened, a table for my projectors, and a large projection screen or white wall. I bring my own powerful video projector, professional sound system and wireless mic. The presentation quality is first rate. I wear a safari outfit to fit the RAINFOREST ADVENTURE theme. This is a live show so student participation and questions are welcomed during and after the show.

Show length: one hour. There is no limit on the number of students who can see a show and that makes it economical, compared to outside field trips with high admission fees and expensive buses. (No worries about bad weather, permission slips, collecting money, etc)

Fee: $350 for one show. (Only $290 for each multiple back - to - back show.Max: 4 shows / day) They can be different shows for different grades) Team up with teachers in other grades and save money! I participate in all the Long Island BOCES Arts - In - Ed Programs.Find my shows on their websites under Exploratory Enrichment: keyword Science.