Space Roadshow

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Looking for a great show or assembly program that’s fun and yet covers your astronomy curriculum? This is it! The Space Roadshow is an in-school field trip to the universe! This live program is presented by science teacher Lee Ognibene, retired director of the Sayville Planetarium and 1998 Suffolk County Science Teacher of the Year.

The Space Roadshow will transform your auditorium, cafeteria, multi-purpose room, or gym into an exciting astronomy show. Teachers are always amazed how much the students remember even months after seeing this show. Many teachers comment my shows are like a cross between Bill Nye, a live Disney show, an IMAX movie, and a planetarium show. They have that “wow” factor.

My powerful video projector will light up your screen or white wall with jaw-dropping video space scenes with awesome sound effects and music from my quality sound system. I provide live commentary as we tour the solar system and Milky Way Galaxy, and take field trips to the moon, the International Space Station, Meteor Crater in Arizona, Cape Canaveral in Florida, an observatory, and a solar eclipse in Hawaii. We also travel to Italy and the moon to try Galileo’s gravity experiment.

Your students will also learn about motions of the earth and moon, what causes day and night, what causes the phases of the moon, orbital mechanics, weightlessness, eclipses, telescopes, the solar system, comets, meteors, the sun, our moon, how craters form, galaxies, how big space is, the birth and death of stars, gravity, how rockets work, and our place in space. There’s even a follow-up art project where your kids can make a beautiful chalk drawing of a total solar eclipse. They love it! Many live interactive demonstrations and experiments round out the experience.

Because the show is live, I can customized it for any grade level, from Kindergarten to 9th grade. During the show, I wear a NASA flight suit, just like the astronauts. There’s lots of humor in the show and after each show, I always hear the kids and teachers say, “That was awesome!” The finale will take your breath away! Expect rave reviews!

Fee: $350 for one show. (Only $290 for each multiple back - to - back show.Max: 4 shows / day) They can be different shows for different grades) Team up with teachers in other grades and save money! I participate in all the Long Island BOCES Arts - In - Ed Programs.Find my shows on their websites under Exploratory Enrichment: keyword Science.