Under The Sea

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Looking for a great show or assembly program that’s fun and yet covers your oceanography curriculum? You found it! UNDER THE SEAis an in-school field trip to the final frontier- our oceans. This live program is presented by science teacher and oceanographer Lee Ognibene, retired director of the Sayville Planetarium and 1998 Suffolk County Science Teacher of the Year.

UNDER THE SEA will transform your auditorium, cafeteria, multi-purpose room, or gym into an exciting oceanography show. This show covers how the oceans formed, how they got salty, the hidden geologic land forms of the ocean floor, continental drift, and the ocean food chain and ecosystems. The show will also explain what causes waves, currents, tides, and storms and how they affect the ocean shore. Your students will learn about different forms of sea life- from plankton and coral reefs to whales.

Lastly, your students will learn how man is harming the ocean life with pollution, over-fishing, coral reef destruction, ocean acidification, climate change, and species extinction. The show is only one hour long, but you will be amazed how much your students will remember, even months after seeing this show! Because the show is live, it can be customized for any grade level, from 1st to 9th grade

Over the last 25 years, I recorded video of our oceans and sea life. I have edited that video together, added music and sound effects and UNDER THE SEA was born. This is an inspiring show with incredible video scenes, beautiful background music, and live commentary. Living on Long Island, we should know all about the ocean that surrounds us. After you see this show, you will understand how much our oceans are vital to all life on Earth, even ours!

I provide my own powerful video projector and wear a quality wireless mic with a professional sound system All you have to provide is a large projection screen and a small table for my projector. If you don’t have a screen, I can project my show on a white or light colored wall. Expect rave reviews!

Fee: $350 for one show. (Only $290 for each multiple back - to - back show.Max: 4 shows / day) They can be different shows for different grades) Team up with teachers in other grades and save money! I participate in all the Long Island BOCES Arts - In - Ed Programs.Find my shows on their websites under Exploratory Enrichment: keyword Science.